Bright Green Enterprise

Bright Green Enterprise specialises in project-based learning activities through workshops, international innovation challenges and lectures for schools, across KS2 – KS5.

We operate across the UK and Tanzania creating and delivering exciting programmes linked to enterprise education and work-related learning. Each programme supports a particular area within one of our three core themes: Global Perspectives, Innovation for Sustainability and the Values of Humanity.

We also work to build stronger 21st Century employment skills for your students, helping them to uncover their strengths and apply their interests.

Why Choose Bright Green Enterprise?

We believe that empathy, critical thinking and business acumen are key strengths that every student should and can possess by the time they leave school and embark on a pathway to employment.

We also believe that such skills cannot be measured or nurtured by standardised means alone. With a world in constant change, Bright Green Enterprise programmes are designed to fit the world to the student as much as fit the student to the world.

Our ethos of imparting ethical values to enterprise education has helped us to deliver our innovative programmes to over 50,000 students. Each programme supports an area of the National Curriculum within either Global Citizenship, Geography, Design and Technology or Science as well as SMSC (spiritual, moral, social, cultural) and PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) development across Key Stages 2, 3, 4 and 5. We also help students develop strong career skills as well as a positive and confident attitude to future employment.

We believe that your students have the potential to be the change they wish to see in the world.

How do we Operate?

Our programmes are developed and delivered by a multidisciplinary team of professionals all working within different sectors of industry. We come together to deliver our programmes and workshops to your students ensuring that we impart the latest, specialised advice on careers, industry and current topical debates.

With a Bright Green Enterprise programme your students will have the unique opportunity to take part in skills-sharing projects with our partner organisations and schools in Tanzania, East Africa.

Since 2010 we have worked with schools in the northern region of Tanzania developing skills-sharing projects to broaden global perspectives and enhance cross-curricular learning.

We are committed to providing your students with an inspiring academic experience whilst ensuring critical thinking, empathy and innovation are always at the forefront of our delivery.

Lucy Devall, Founding Director of Bright Green Enterprise

Our high rebooking rate is a testament to our excellent delivery and feedback received from our events. Take a look at our feedback from teachers and students.

Our Values

As an organisation that promotes ethical enterprise, we endeavour to operate as a carbon neutral business, travelling to and from events as a team and using recycled materials in our programmes.

Unlike many other enterprise organisations, we only partner with businesses which we feel demonstrate a robust example of environmentally-friendly operations and encourage practices of ethical enterprise. This is evident in our partnerships across the world. Above all, we have been commended by students who recognise this as our approach.

Since our inception in 2008 we have donated over 10% of our annual gross income to charitable education projects in East Africa as well as serving voluntarily on these projects within the field. We also directly donate a percentage of our annual gross profit to environmental charities and sustainability causes.



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