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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

How many students can you work with?

We can work with any group size from 50 – 300. If all students would like to take part in the presentations at the end of our events, we’d suggest a maximum group size of 100.

Can you work around our timetable?

Absolutely. Our events are designed to fit into the standard school day of five hours of teaching. Let us know the structure of your school day and we’ll make sure we always finish on time for breaks, lunch and the end of the school day.

What ability level are your events suited to?

They have been designed specifically for Years 6 to 13 students, and the content is tailored to suit the needs of each group. Our events are challenging enough to ensure students are stimulated, but remain accessible at the same time.

What facilities are required for your events?

We will require a large hall-like area where students can sit around desks in teams of eight. It is preferable if there is a small stage area for the presenters. We also require the use of a digital projector, screen and two microphones.

Should our students attend the day in ‘business dress’?

We leave that decision to the individual teachers. In our experience, allowing students to ‘dress for business’ usually means they arrive ‘tuned in for business’. On our feedback forms we regularly receive lovely comments from students saying that they felt like real business people.

What’s required from the school on the day?

It’s very simple: all the school needs to do is split the students into non-friendship groups of eight, and ensure the venue is set up with a digital projector, screen and two microphones. The Bright Green Enterprise team take care of everything else, including bringing ALL resources.

Do you need extra support from staff?

We bring our own event team who will work closely with the students. Teachers are very welcome to join in for all, or part, of the day and we’d ask those present simply to encourage the teams and also to deal with any behavioural issues so that the day can run as smoothly as possible.

Can we attend an event before booking?

If we are visiting a school in your area, we are very happy to put you directly in touch with the school so you can attend the event and get a feel for the day. Alternatively, have a look at our testimonials or watch our ‘See us in action’ video, which will give you a flavour of the events.

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