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The aim of This Way Up? is not necessarily to solve problems but to keep asking questions…

Critical thinking and decision making for future careers lie at the heart of our Key Stage 5 challenge. Our unique programme addresses the roles that community, aid and industry play in shaping International Development.  Students are challenged to become international change-makers through developing an in-depth understanding of the International Development sector in Tanzania. For younger years, take a look at  KS3-4 programme.

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Building Empathy & Critical Thinking

With so much coverage of international crises and development needs drawn to our attention through the Media, This Way Up? not only reveals more about the workings behind the international development sector but will also illustrate some of the problems and controversies that accompany global aid. Topics covered include poverty stereotypes and sustainable development. Students will learn how the direction of their efforts, as well as industry practice, can serve to affect the ultimate path of human progress.

“It was a great opportunity to better understand how complex and important a topic international development is. The presentations challenged our perception of charity work and modern stereotypes of populations in less economically developed countries”

– Year 13 Student, Twynham School, Dorset. Read more student feedback….

Learning between the UK & Tanzania

This programme has been built upon our expertise and knowledge as part of our ongoing work in East Africa since 2009.

We offer UK students a unique opportunity to further develop their interest in international affairs through participation in our annual international student challenge, Creative Disruptors. This challenge is open to student teams in the UK and Tanzania and continues learning around global perspectives, innovation for sustainability and the values of humanity. 

Please contact us for further information and a programme example.

This Way Up KS5, global citizenship activities for secondary school, Bright Green Enterprise
Enterprise Education activities for Citizenship and secondary school, Bright Green Enterprise

The Wider Benefit

As well as enhancing careers education, students will come away with a broader perspective of their impact on the world in preparation for post-school ventures. In addition, students will practise sharpening their critical thinking skills when examining and addressing international development efforts and community issues.

Through our workshops in Tanzania, we have built strong partner links with schools and innovation centres, enabling all of our students to have the opportunity to share their skills through competitive enterprise challenges. Please contact us for more details at this stage.

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