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Enterprise Challenges KS 3-5

Our unique programmes, Green Dragons, Big Launch and This Way Up?  have been developed by Enterprise Challenge-Day experts to help young people build knowledge, employment skills and business acumen. We theme our programmes around three key areas of learning: Global Perspectives, Innovation for Sustainability and the Values of Humanity.

Our exciting, energetic programmes infuse contemporary music, film and images to bring enterprise to life under our range of challenging missions and hands-on activities. Why not take a look at one of our enterprise activities in action (right).

Enterprise Education in action, East Africa, image of | Bright Green Enterprise

Skills-Sharing Education

Our Enterprise Challenge Programmes can (and are) used to enrich a wide range of curriculum choices, including: SMSC, PSHE, Global Citizenship, Geography, Science, Design & Technology, Mathematics and more. Example learning links can be found within each of our programme pages (see above).

We work with partner organisations across the UK and East Africa to help students better understand their developing environment.  We have been delivering workshops to schools in Tanzania since 2010 and have launched our international skills-sharing challenge, Creative Disruptors, to schools in the UK and Tanzania.


All of our programmes are delivered by professional, dynamic and experienced presenters; enabling us to offer your students a cross-curricular application to business and learning. The multi-disciplinary structure of our team brings a unique range of expertise to our programmes.

By collaborating with skilled professionals in diverse industries, we guarantee that your students will receive the latest expertise and advice on employment and post-school ventures, plus an opportunity to talk to people working in a variety of exciting industries.

Business mentors for Enterprise Education | Bright Green Enterprise
Cardboard challenge for schools | Enterprise Education | Bright Green Enterprise

Environment & Society

We believe that young people should understand the cause as well as the effect of their actions on the environment and society around them. This is why our programmes are built around the contexts of environmental and social issues, which business ethos and the way we work as individuals can help to challenge. This angle also helps us to collaborate with and enhance elements of your school curriculum, through grounding our programmes in topics that link to SMSC, PSHE, Careers, STEM and Social Sciences.

Our Partners

We have partnered with a number of organisations and businesses across the UK and overseas to bring your students real-life examples of ethical business practice in action. Through case-studies and visiting workshops, our unique partnerships allow students to better understand and analyse the workings behind the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

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