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The Big Launch programme is a fast-paced event where students apply their ideas and thoughts on key social topics to build their own social enterprise magazine.

Students find inspiration from topics inside and outside of the school environment and therefore speak and write with authority throughout the day. Teams explore a range of topics such as diversity, equality and social affairs, with a focus on current social enterprise publications.

“Big Launch adds value across the curriculum. I would be very confident to recommend the Big Launch day to other colleagues and schools” – Paignton Community Academy.

Big Launch brings a genuine business experience into the classroom where students will need to work to tight deadlines, take calculated risks, make creative decisions, and secure enough advertising to sustain their business. Will their magazine launch on time, on budget and with style?

“Literacy is about people’s ability to function in society as private individuals, active citizens, employees or parents… Literacy is about people’s self-esteem, their interaction with others, their health and employability” – EU High Level Report on Literacy.

Suitability and Cross-Curricular links

Suitable for: Years 6-13, groups of 50-300

Programme duration: Full day, in line with the school timetable

Student outcomes: Students develop key employability skills as well as their understanding of pressing social issues, including Diversity, Equality and Cultural Affairs. Each programme is tailored for specific year groups and can be adapted to particular educational areas. Examples include: PSHE, Business Studies, Social Enterprise Education, Cultural Awareness, Team Building and International Links.

Cross-curricular links: Business Studies | English | Careers | Covering the key skills of literacy and numeracy | PSHE | SMSC | Work-related learning

Skills Development: Writing | Speaking & Listening | Presenting | Critical Evaluation | Team work | Leadership | Delegation | Negotiation | Budget Management | Financial Literacy

Further and Higher Education Links: Creative Writing | Marketing | PR | Business Studies | Media Studies | Politics | Graphic Design | Finance

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