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School Speakers Small Talks KS3-5

Small Talks is a series of short talks and engaging workshops for schools, designed to offer further discussion on themes embedded within Bright Green Enterprise Challenge-Programmes.


Small Talks are stories built from personal experience of travel, industry and academia and have been developed to fit either a one-hour school speaker session or a half-day workshop.

Our interactive skills-building workshops are based on fifteen years of experience recruiting for and undertaking challenging roles across a variety of industry sectors. Students will be put through their paces as they discover new perspectives and gain insight into a variety of industry and post-school ventures.

By the end of a Bright Green Enterprise workshop, students will be able to talk with improved confidence about their skills set as well as offer further discussion suitable for interview.

All Small Talks workshops provide strong links to PSHE, SMSC and Careers. To find out more about what each Small Talks speaker event and workshop can offer your students, please explore the titles below.




Gap Years | Volunteering | Backpacking | Life after school


“It’s 02.00am, it’s pitch black and there’s no-one around apart from my friend Kanaeli and a Maasai. We’re trapped halfway up an active volcano in Africa with a lion behind us and 2,000m of steep volcanic rock ahead, leading only to the summit which is a bubbling pit of lava. Between us we have one stick and a tube of toothpaste”.

This is not a lateral thinking challenge but where this talk begins.

Mind the Gap engages students in the world of Gap Years and volunteering overseas. Written and spoken from personal accounts of travelling abroad, adventuring and volunteering post-16, this is a thought-provoking, entertaining and highly engaging talk that covers key topics to engage young people in exploring the world outside of their classroom.

Mind the Gap can be delivered as a one-hour visiting speaker session or as a half-day careers workshop.

This programme is suitable for KS4 and KS5 learners, especially those interested in pursuing a Gap Year or a career within an international field.

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Sustainable Development | Environment | Responsible Consumption

Plastic Project 6

“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones” –   John Maynard Keynes (British Economist).

Beyond the Boundaries takes a peek into the future based on our current 21st-century lifestyles and offers two engaging talks that address the topic of consumption under the agenda of sustainable development. These inspiring and engaging talks help students to consider what directions we are setting for development and what implications these may have for the future of our planet.

The Plastic Project is the accumulation of one man’s life-long journey to explore some of the coldest and remotest environments on the planet armed only with a wetsuit, surfboard and camera.

In this brilliantly compelling talk, Tim Nunn, the founder of the Plastic Project talks us through his journey into some of the remotest and most freezing waters of Northern Europe and beyond. Tim tells the tale of how his passion for surf ended him up in a sea of plastic (literally).

The second talk we offer under Beyond the Boundaries is by Lucy Devall, titled Thread Carefully.

Thread Carefully is built on ten years experience working within the global clothing sector and tells the story of clothing manufacture – the industry behind some of the world’s greatest economic successes. Thread Carefully is told from first-hand experience working in the factories of Europe and East and South Asia for some of the world’s biggest clothing brands.

This programme is suitable for KS3 KS4 and KS5 learners.

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Stereotypes | Empathy | Equality | Social Values


“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it” – Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Produced into two talks, Being Human focuses on the theme of stereotypes.

‘The Single Story’ talk explores the topic of poverty, addressing concepts generated through our perception of charity, development aid and voluntourism. There is a particular focus on The Single Story of Africa, our perceptions of poverty within the continent from the West and how we can build a more empathetic relationship to global development.

‘By Design’ explores the topic of gender roles through product design. Gender equality is a topic often featured in the media for its relationship to industry and politics but continues to confuse and confound many of us across society (women included). ‘By Design’ explores how gender is shaped and our roles promoted through product design and marketing. This is a unique and thought-provoking talk bringing in many case studies from across the world.

These programmes are suitable for KS3 KS4 and KS5 learners.

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