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Bright Green Enterprise (BGE) has been working on the ground in Tanzania, East Africa since 2010, delivering enterprise and innovation workshops to primary and secondary schools. To-date 100% of this work has been conducted voluntarily and funded by BGE. As well as delivering project-based learning workshops we have also sponsored and supported the annual Science and Innovation Fair at the School of St Jude, in Meru.

We aim to provide a positive reflection and showcase of Tanzanian youth talent that seeks to counter-act the often negative, poverty stereotypes associated with ‘developing’ environments. Our Tanzanian students take part in our international skills-sharing challenge, Creative Disruptors, which aims to showcase both UK and Tanzanian students’ innovative ideas and work.

Enterprise Education at the School of St Jude, Tanzania, East Africa
African Enterprise Education in action at School of St Jude, Tanzania, image of

Our Mission

To provide an innovative education model through project-based learning, bringing teachers into the pedagogical approach through active participation in workshops. 

To develop young people’s skills in critical thinking, to foster self-reliance and to encourage a ‘can-do’ attitude to problem-solving social and environmental issues.

To support the core National Curriculum of Tanzania, applying project-based learning to Science, Technology, Geography and Citizenship. 

Our Programmes

Our programmes have been designed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals across the private and public sector. We believe this makes us advantageous in our efforts to advance educational development goals – the same ethos we bring into our UK programmes. Our programmes can be (and have been) delivered into the most challenging of environments, from tropical rainforests to remote savannahs.

We understand the many restrictions of delivering curriculum objectives within low-resource environments and have built our programme model to provide all resources necessary for students to complete tasks. We work with a number of on-the-ground organisations including technology makerspaces and have been supported by alternative energy technology companies.


Innovation for Sustainable Development

While there is a main enterprise and skills-development core within our programmes, our entrepreneurship curriculum is complemented by exploration of sustainable pathways to development.

Our organisational structure ensures we always strive to reflect and practice our core values  – to impart ethical and sustainable practice. Although the learning environments we operate in are fundamentally different from those of the UK, commonalities lie within each child’s ability to think creatively, logically and to conceptualise the future in which they wish to live.

How to get Involved

If you are a school either in the UK or Tanzania that would like to find out how we can support your curriculum and bring our international skills-sharing challenges to your students, please contact us.

If you are a charitable organisation or business that would like to support our work, please get in contact. We are always looking to enrich our programmes with interesting case studies on innovation and global issues as well as different perspectives on industry practice.


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