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A unique programme for KS3-4 students, introducing the global initiative of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This Way Up? challenges students to practise at becoming international change-makers by building a not-for-profit organisation that supports environmental sustainability.

With so much coverage of climate change and charity drawn to our attention through media coverage, our programme will not only reveal more about the workings behind the charity sector but will also illustrate some of the problems and controversies that accompany environmental sustainability. Students will learn how the direction of their efforts serves to affect the ultimate goals of global development.

“Today was a great experience – working closely with one team all day and having the freedom to come up with an idea and developing it was brilliant”

– Year 9 Student.

In the fast-paced climate of today, students will not only learn more about the workings behind the charity sector but also how the direction of their effort affects the ultimate goal. This programme has been built upon our expertise and knowledge as part of our ongoing work in East Africa.

“Absolutely fantastic. The students all enjoyed it immensely”

– Oxford High School GDST.

This Way Up? will inspire students to understand their environment more and positively shape the communities within it. Students will be encouraged to think about how the ecological and social environments we live in impact upon one another examining real-life tensions between scientific and indigenous ways of life. Students will come away with a broader perspective of their impact on the world as well as thoughts for future career choices.


Suitability and Cross-Curricular links

Suitable for: Years 6-11, groups of 50-300

Programme duration: Full day in line with the school timetable

Student outcomes: Students develop key employability skills as well as enhance their understanding of pressing international and domestic environmental issues. Each programme is tailored for specific year groups and can be adapted to enhance particular educational areas. Examples include: PSHE, Geography, Science, Social Enterprise Education, Cultural Awareness, Team Building and International Links.

Cross-Curricular: Global Citizenship | Geography | Business Studies | English | Mathematics | Science | Covering the key skills of literacy and numeracy | PSHE | SMSC | British Values

Skills Development: Team work | Leadership | Delegation | Negotiation | Initiative | Speaking & Presenting | Writing | Budget Management | Financial Literacy

Taster Subject Links: Economics | Marketing | Public Policy | Business Studies | Media Studies | International Development | Geography | Finance | Environmental Sciences | Philosophy

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