This Way Up KS 3-4 Example

Introducing the Brief

In teams, students are given the task of working with a Tanzanian community to tackle a real-life ecological problem. Teams enter the world of sustainable development, exploring the Sustainable Development Goals, their mission and the issues that they’re trying to address.

Mission One

Students get to know their Tanzanian community. Each team is given a different community with its own unique ecological issue: from protecting life below water in Zanzibar, to deforestation and poaching in the mountains of Yamba and savannah plains of the Serengeti.

Mission Two

Teams must address their unique ecological challenge through innovation and enterprise. Students grapple with issues of resources, culture and climate.

Mission Three

Teams but build an advocacy campaign to bring attention to their cause, whilst being mindful of representation and stereotypes.

The Pitch

Teams pitch their concepts in front of a panel, explaining their ‘solutions’ and how it supports the community’s sustainable growth.

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