Green Dragons Example


Each student works in a team of 5-8 to ‘invent or innovate an ethical product’. Before the missions begin, students explore what it means to be ‘green’ in business. Teams undertake fast-paced activities to research some of the main environmental challenges where industry has a responsibility to improve future outcomes.

Mission One

Students are introduced to the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals, exploring global case studies of businesses that are tackling ocean plastics, food waste, carbon emissions and more.

Mission Two

Teams move through the design process and on to designing and building a proof of concept solution to their agreed goals. Students explore the principles behind bioinspiration in design and utilise nature to mimic and create innovative products.

Mission Three

Teams begin to build their brand and promote their product. Who and where are their key target markets? How will they reach them in an engaging way, whilst ensuring high standards of responsible communication?

The Pitch!

Before the Grand Final presentations in the final hour of the day, students a taught a number of ‘presentation survival skills’ designed to enable even the most nervous to give public speaking a go! Each team then presents their concepts to a panel.

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