Big Launch Example


Students work in a team of 5-8 to design and launch their own social enterprise magazine. Before the missions begin, teams explore the fast-paced world of publications and Media, bringing light to good business practice but also the way the Media covers topical issues.

Mission One

Teams must start the identify the principles for their business, creating a vision for the future as well as founding statements for ethical enterprise. Each team focuses on ideating the concept of their magazine, which they will launch at the end of the day.

Mission Two

Teams explore case studies in the Media to create the content of their publications. How might topical discussions such as mental health, youth and even Climate Change be addressed in a responsible way?

Mission Three

Teams get a taste of what it takes to promote a business in a fast-paced highly saturated market. What tips can they glean for how to grow their business and make a profit, whilst sticking to their founding principles?

The Pitch!

Each team launches their magazine in a 2 minute 30 second pitch to a panel of judges.

For further information, including a sample programme, please contact us to request an e-brochure.