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Student Feedback

A selection of comments from students who have participated in our Youth Innovation Partnership programmes in Tanzania…

“It was amazing! It helped me to work in a team with different people”.

“It was very good, each one of us in the group had their own job and we always talked to each other”.

“I learnt so much about business in a fun and interactive way. For someone who never thought that ‘business’ would suit them, it was so much fun!” – Form 5 Student, Tanzania

“It was really useful. I have learned so much and I have taken a lot from the experience. It was also very challenging and fun”. – Form 4 Student, Tanzania

“Today’s activity was very challenging and enjoyable. I had a great experience and one I’ve not had before. I would love to repeat it!”

“The activity today was really fun and worth taking part in. Everything was really well organised and enjoyable”.

“Very useful in terms of working with new people and as a team leader being able to make decisions”.

“This activity actually showed me where I hold strengths and where I need to improve”. Form 3 Student, Tanzania

“Extremely useful! As a business and economics student I was able to put into affect the things that I learnt in class. I truly enjoyed the activity!” – Form 6 Student, Tanzania

“This was so much fun! I learnt to work in a team and learnt more about my own strengths as well as those of my team members that I wouldn’t otherwise have noticed”.

“Very useful – it made me behave more creatively and I hope we get to do it again!”

“The activity was a great success – challenging but great”. – Form 3 Student, Tanzania

“It opened my mind and vision for business. I improved my social skills and communication skills”.

“I thought today’s activity was very helpful for us as it helped us cope with new challenges and situations, managing a business and taking responsibility”.

“I think this activity was very helpful – one suggestion would be to make this activity an every day thing!”

“It was amazing! An experience of a lifetime – please come back again!” – Standard 7 Student, Tanzania

“I’ve learnt that starting a business can be quite simple – the hard part is to motivate your team and be a good leader”. – Form 5 Student, Tanzania

“Extremely useful, I learnt now more than ever, the importance of working as a team”. – Form 6 Student, Tanzania

“I learnt many things from today, especially improving in confidence and how simple ideas can change the world”.


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