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The Brainchild Challenge

The Brainchild Challenge is an innovative competition from Bright Green Enterprise and its partner organisations offering students an opportunity to explore 21st Century topics such as Technology, Product Design, International Development, Marketing, Climate Change and much more!

Our challenges are designed to run biannually and are open to schools across the UK and Tanzania through our Enterprise Education programme network. Competitions currently open can be found below.

Q. Who is it open to?

Any individual students or schools who have taken part in one of our Enterprise Challenge days.

Q. How many students can enter?

Unlimited! You can submit work individually or as part of a team.

Q. Who am I competing against?

The competition is open to students across our UK schools network as well as students within our schools network in Tanzania.

Q. What do I get for taking part?

Each entry will receive an e-certificate signed by The Brainchild Challenge team recognising their participation in their chosen challenge. There will be one winning entrant selected from a UK school as well as a Tanzanian school. Both student winners will receive a £100 cash prize (or equivalent in TSH) as well as an award for their school. Students’ work will be shared and showcased through Bright Green Enterprise across our schools network, highlighting the achievements across both countries. 

Q. Why should I take part?

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your learning and understanding of important 21st Century relevant topics outside of the classroom. Participation in these competitions will strengthen your work portfolio with unique and practical examples that demonstrate your interest in particular sectors of industry and skill.

The opportunity to compete against students internationally will also enhance your skills for future endeavours in work, travel and your role as a global citizen.  

Open for Entries

A Rainy Day Challenge

Open: June 2014

Close: 30th November 2014

This challenge has been brought to you by Global Cycle Solutions, a Tanzanian based social enterprise who are supported by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA, under their D-Lab initiative.

GCS aims to create impact for under-served populations by providing access to affordable agricultural and energy products – technological stepping stones. GCS invests in developing new products in agriculture and energy that bridge the gap between traditional methods and expensive technology.

Please click and play on the following video to find a preview of the brief:

How to Enter 

For a Brainchild Entry Pack (via email) which will detail all you need to know, please email us at: [email protected] with your NAME, SCHOOL and YEAR GROUP.

Or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Good Luck!




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