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March Update: Global Citizenship & Enterprise KS3

This month we’ve been working in London delivering  our Green Dragons KS3 Enterprise and Global Learning Challenge to hundreds of Year 7 and 8 pupils across London. And what a fantastic time we have had! 

We also welcomed into our team two new mentors: Zenzo, originally from Zimbabwe and now researching Innovation and Sustainability for International Development at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) in Sussex, Brighton. And Ilga, originally from the Ukraine and also a graduate of SPRU, now working in events management in the UK.

Green Dragons offers links across the curriculum to Science, Geography, Design and Technology, Citizenship, Art and Business Studies as well as supporting SMSC and PSHE.  Each problem-solving ‘mission’ within the challenge is designed for students to lead their own learning and produce professional “pitches” to demonstrate this.

Among the winning ideas from Year 7 were innovations for water sanitation (Goal 6) using shoes, a toy powered by kinetic energy (Goal 7) that warms up as its played with – a modern take on the ‘hot water bottle’ and even an education game that teaches young children about the topic and importance of sustainability!

Sustainable Development Goals

But above all, the students were enthusiastic and positive in their feedback, recognizing the key employment skills they had practiced throughout the day, their strengths within these and where they needed to improve. As part of our monitoring and evaluation process we collate feedback from all participants (that can be hundreds per event!) and create easy to access data on employment skills and learning.

It’s now the spring holidays here in the UK and we’ll be working on the finishing touches to our Creative Disruptors challenge ahead of the May launch. For up-to-date information on what’s happening, who with and how, check out our Global Education Initiatives site!











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