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Creative Disruptors Innovation Challenge

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our exciting new innovation challenge, Creative Disruptors.

Due to begin in April 2016, Creative Disruptors (CD) is a student innovation challenge open to young people in the UK and Tanzania undertaking Key Stage 3-5 education. Working in teams students are presented with a challenge brief, “to invent or innovate an appropriate technology…” that tackles a 21st century issue.

Centred on issues surrounding the theme of Sustainable Development, students must strive to innovate an appropriate technology that meets a user’s needs. The challenge is supported by our unique resources and skills-sharing platforms as well as partner makerspaces in the UK and Tanzania.

Creative Disruptors requires students to work in teams to problem solve, create and innovate, supporting a cross-curricular application and enrichment programme.

The challenge theme for 2016 is HOME within the local community. Students will be required to explore different user needs in different contexts of the theme in order to research and develop an appropriate technology prototype. 

A key learning outcome for this challenge is for students in the UK and Tanzania to see how their international peers are tackling the same challenge brief. By sharing the same online learning space, teams will share their approaches to problem solving and making throughout the challenge. 

Our curriculum has been built to support two main learning outcomes:

Students will improve their understanding of and capabilities for studies related to design and technology for innovation. 

Students will demonstrate improved skills for practising critical thinking and empathy alongside a deeper cross-cultural understanding.

Our resources support exploration of these learning outcomes and will be offered as supportive tools in the innovation processCreative Disruptors has been developed by a team of international organisations, each with the relevant expertise and practice to build and deliver this exciting project. 

Find out more on our new international programmes site, Global Education Initiatives.

Bright Green Enterprise is pleased to be supported in Creative Disruptors by the following three organisations.

Twende TanzaniaMakerversity LondonThoughtBox Education

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