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Centre for Education Innovations

We’re delighted to have been profiled on the Centre for Education Innovations website for our work in East Africa under the TIA Initiative (This is Africa):

There are more than 113 million children enrolled in non-state schools in developing nations – 62 million of them are in primary school (approximately 11 percent of total developing country primary enrolments), and another 51 million are in secondary school (approximately 24 percent of the total).

Yet, even though many poor people use non-state education and training services, very little is known about the size, scope, and quality of services offered by non-state providers.

“Besides poor data quality and massive under-reporting, there is also insufficient knowledge on appropriate public policies towards non-state education and training. In some cases, attitudes are still deeply ideological. In order to promote quality education for the poor, the focus must be grounded in evidence and shift to critical issues such as how to harness and improve non-state provision for under-served populations.” – Nicholas Burnett, Results for Development Institute (R4D) Managing Director.

CEI promotes programs, policies, and practices that increase access to quality, affordable, and equitable education for the world’s poor. CEI’s vision is for education systems around the world to capitalize on innovation so as to increase access to quality education, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable.

We’re delighted to have worked with Research for Development (R4D) who manage the CEI database, to discuss TIA’s programme objectives and delivery methods. This will increase our visibility and network to collaborative projects and funding avenues as well continually assess and develop techniques within areas such as monitoring and evaluation.


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