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2013 reasons to be cheerfull

Well, it’s been a while since we last updated this, so apologies but the end of the winter term has been and gone and it was busy! We’ve been lucky enough to trot around the country visiting a great variety of schools and their students. Academies, state and independent and ranging from Year 7 to Year 11.

Our team have been on their adventures too alongside their BGE responsibilities; Faye is now in Uganda as part of her doctorate research secondment for the University of Exeter, studying the behaviours of Mongooses (it’s not Mongeese as one would assume) but back later in the term; Ben is in France carving it up and continuing some excellent work with Telemarks, and the rest of us? Well, the UK keeps us frozen to the spot and occupied so we’re excited to be starting the new term off in Devon!

Lucy Clarke, our previous head of Bright Green Enterprise is continuing to live the author dream and is soon off to the Philippines as part of her new research project for the next book. Her first book The Sea Sisters is released in the UK in April 2013 by Harper Collins and we wish her the VERY best of luck with this! So far, Germany have loved it and it’s filled many a Christmas strumpf.

At the end of the spring term we hope to return to Tanzania in Africa to roll-out further developments to our Project 21 arm. All manner of support enquiries are welcome here and we’ll keep you up-to-date with how we progress. We will also report on the schools and learning environments we encounter out there which we aim as useful tools for cultural learning activities.

Well, for now we hope that Monday is not defeating you (Blue Monday?!) and until the next time…(not another 4 month gap we hope)…enjoy this rather friendly picture. #lovecreativity



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